Accessories You Need when Traveling with Pets

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Accessories You Need when Traveling with Pets

When your inner wanderer meets your inner pet lover, everything changes. You get a kitty or a doggy and spend all your time with them. But what happens when you decide to leave for a trip?

Do you leave them behind, with friends or family? Of course not, as you decide to better take your new best friend along. The question is how do you do that? Find a complete guide here!

What about the accessories that you might need? In this article, I will list the best accessories* for your pet to accompany you in your trips, starting with travel cages, food and water containers, seat belts or toys to keep your animal entertained.

Carriers for plane

When traveling by plane, there are more factors to take into consideration. The carriers need to be in accordance with IATA requirements. See below the best ones for small, medium and large animals.

​This Pet Magasin is an amazing and cute carrier for small animals. It is waterproof, in case *someone* is too excited to travel and a small wet accident may happen, but also to protect your beloved furry friend from rain. It is soft sided, so your kitten is comfy and also has a seat belt. Whoa! Very easy to carry as well. Check it here!

The bubble backpack by Losy Pet is a fashionable way to carry your animal. It comes in 5 different colors and is fit for small critters. There are three entries for the backpack, two are on the sides and one is on top, for maximum accessibility. It has a built-in security leash for your pet’s safety. You can check it here!


If you prefer the classy way, here is the simplest carrier ever by Karlie. It comes in six sizes, so it can fit any type of animal, from a puppy to a gentle giant. It is very practical, spacious and for your pet’s comfort, you can add some soft pillows or blankets. Find it here!

Accessories for car

Of course, the plane is not the only mean of transportation, so here are some accessories that you may find useful for traveling by car.

The back seat cover by Shine Hai is perfect for a road trip with your dog or kitten. It is water and scratch proof, so if your furry friend is nervous about the ride and feels like destroying around, he or she can do that safely. Check it here!

This may be the most important accessory in this list, as the safety of your animal is something that needs to be taken care of. Here is an adjustable seat belt for your pet by SlowTon, which is made of breathable fabric. See it here!

Water and food containers

If case your pet is hungry, don’t worry, the food and water containers by Youthink will save you. They are four bowls attached to one another, making it impossible to spill what’s inside. The most amazing thing? You can store more treats inside! Find it here.

Potty pads

If there is no chance that your beloved furry friend can use a litter box or a tree, make sure to include a potty pad inside the carrier, to avoid a mess when your arrive at your destination. Find a set of two reusable pads here, to also protect the earth.

Toys for your pets

A trip can be stressful for cats, so here are some toys to keep them distracted.

Don’t worry, I did not forget about dogs. Here you can find some toys for yours.

What accessories do you use when traveling with your pet? Let me know in the comment section!

*Read my affiliate disclosure here.


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  1. Hannah says:

    Hi Stefania Thanks for a really interesting blog post: never realised that you could take cats flying! Our pooch always travels secure in the back seat and always seems to enjoy the ride. I look forward to reading more blogs

  2. Paola says:

    Hi, how are you? This article is great for me, as I was planning a trip with my husband and my 14-month-old baby, and we also wanted to take our puppy, since my son does not want to be separated from him.

    I loved the ideas, especially the back seat cover, only I do not think it’ll be possible to install it because in the backseat of the car my baby travels in his car seat.

    But the other accessories I think I can take them. I will read your guide to plan the trip as well. Thank you!.

    Greetings, Pao.

    • Stefania says:

      Hey Pao, glad the article was helpful. That’s so cute, that your son wants to be with your dog. That’s real friendship. Have a good trip!

  3. Kuu says:

    Hello Stefania, thanks for this post. You have really simplify the things I need when taking my dog on a holiday or a trip. This is because I always end up in a mess when packing the things that my dog needs. I have been in situations where I have left important accessories for my dog that could have killed him. But your post has point me in the right direction. Many thanks for that.  

  4. John says:

    Hi Stefania, What a great website and article you’ve created!So many great ideas and tips for travelling with pets.   Thank you for showing such a great range of accessories for the plane travel and also car travel for dogs and cats..  We don’t have a cat or dog currently, only a chicken and we don’t travel with her, but you’ve given some great ideas for pet travel for our future.  Thank you for sharing.Can I ask, what do you do to settle the cat or dogs nerves when travelling?  You know to make it less stressful for them.

    • Stefania says:

      OMG John, you have a chicken, that is so cute! Glad my article helped. As for calming the pets, my opinion is that you can just distract them with toys or giving them all your attention. Some people take into consideration sedating them when traveling by plane, but I don’t agree with that at all. The side effects could be dangerous for the little guys, you don’t know how their tiny bodies react to them, even with the vet’s approval.

  5. Matts Mom says:

    I am traveling in December and taking one of my dogs with me. I like the pet carrier, but I know that different airlines have different size regulations for what they will allow in the main cabin. Do you know if this one will work with any airlines? I will be flying Alaska Airlines. Thanks!

    • Stefania says:

      Hi! Glad you liked it. Yes, according to Alaska Airlines’ website, the Pet Magasin listed here should be ok. But, I am afraid that the others might me too big. Happy travels!

  6. Alex says:

    For my cat Sugar, I had that exact same carrier. Whenever my Dad and I drove to his second home, Sugar would meow the whole way up in the carrier. She did not like it one bit! I totally get her on that. I do not like to sit in one place for too long either.

    I do have a question though. As a hiker and dog owner, I like my dog Bowzer to be a part of the adventure too. Do you have any recommendations for a dog backpack he can wear? I look forward to reading your response.

    Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

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