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How to Visit Romania – Country of Fairy Tales

This morning, while drinking my coffee, I have realized something important. I have my blog for a while now, yet I have never written about the very first country of my journey, which is my home country, Romania. This fairy tale place has a lot to offer and I have met a lot of people…
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How to Travel in Paris – Christmas Adventures

Paris may be the most visited city in the world! It’s romantic, beautiful and has incredible architecture. It is definitely a “must visit” for everyone! I have decided to do something different this year for Christmas and spend it in Paris. It is the first time I haven’t been with my family for this special…
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How not to Get Robbed While Traveling

What’s worse than being robbed while you enjoy a new place? Hopefully, this never happened to you and I wish it never will, as these cases are actually rare, but sometimes, mean people exist and bad things like this occur. Is there any way we can avoid these situations? Of course! This became a sensitive…
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What Is Post Travel Depression (PTD) And How to Get Over It

I bet you know what I am talking about. That’s the reason you ended up reading this article, right now. You just came back from an amazing trip and you feel like you don’t belong home anymore. I know the feeling. I have been there. When you return home, after you just had a great…
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How to Travel in Rome – My First Trip

Italy was the start of my wanderlust. It was also the first time that I traveled by plane and I must say, I was really scared, but eventually I started to like it. I love the part when it takes off, amazing sensation. This article is one that’s close to my heart because the memories…
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How to Travel in Hong Kong – Top 5 Things to Do

There will be a big difference if you go to Hong Kong right after seeing the Mainland China. If you already read my article about Beijing, you will see what I am talking about. If China is more traditional when it comes to activities that you can do there, Hong Kong is a modern jungle,…
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How to Travel Alone Safely – A Women’s Guide

I feel that in the last years, more and more people started to travel the world, doing that with friends or even without them. The goal is just to roam around, discovering new places, getting to know other cultures, experimenting different activities that some countries may have. Both men and women choose to travel solo…
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How to Pack for a Road Trip

Road trips are usually long distance trips between one point and another, possibly with several stops, in which the travel is on the road. These kinds of journeys are taken for recreational purposes or for business. If you are a road-tripper, you might already know what I’m talking about or you are hungry for more.…
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How to Protect Your Check-In Luggage

When traveling by plane, I have always searched for a method to protect my checked-in suitcase. We all have seen those videos about people trying to see what’s in our bags or how they are transported from the airport to the plane – sometimes not in a very good condition. So, I started to search…
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How to Travel with Animals – Take Your Furry Friend with You

Let’s face it, some of us, travelers, love animals. And we might even have a pet or… more. But what happens when it’s time to go, what happens with your kitten or your doggo? When you look in their tiny eyes, you know that they maybe understand what’s up with all the packed bags in…
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