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Low Cost Airlines – Hidden Fees?

Recently, I have noticed more and more people choosing low cost airlines, all over the world and most of them falling into the trap of small prices, but ending up paying a lot more than they first expected. It should not be the case, beautiful people. This article is dedicated to all of you that…
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Why You Should You Choose Al Ain City Tour

A Broad Number of Little Shops all Over the City There are two enormous strip shopping centers at Al Ain City Tour, Al Jimi and Al Ain City Tour Malls and there is a broad number of little shops spreading all over of the city, all things considered amassed result type. Strikingly, the word Saloon…
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Luggage with Charger? Welcome to the Future!

The chance that you read this article on a smartphone is very high. Do you also have a smart watch? I bet you do, or at least you heard about them. What about the smart cars? Or smart houses? In the era of everything “smart”, let me tell you that luggage companies are not behind…
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Accessories You Need when Traveling with Pets

When your inner wanderer meets your inner pet lover, everything changes. You get a kitty or a doggy and spend all your time with them. But what happens when you decide to leave for a trip? Do you leave them behind, with friends or family? Of course not, as you decide to better take your…
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Universal Travel Adapter – Stay Connected Everywhere!

Have you ever been caught by surprise when arriving to your hotel, with a low battery phone, you wanted to plug it in but couldn’t find a “normal” socket for the charger? That happens all the time, especially when you travel to a different region that you are not used to and forget to take…
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Luggage Name Tags – Why You Should Have One

Name tags, why do people usually need name tags? To identify themselves, to make it easier for others to find them or to remember their name. When you first meet a person, it is really hard to remember their name. That’s why in school, our teachers had us write our name on a piece of…
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Travel Duffel Bags – Short Trips Saviours

Many people travel just for a few days, maybe just for the weekend, when they happen to get free time from their jobs. Every career focused person, but which has the cultural hunger inside them will take every chance they have, just to get to know a new place. For this thing to happen, they…
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Leather Passport Cover – Yes or No?

A passport is a very important document for all the travelers out there. It is basically your entrance to the destinations of your dreams, your worldwide recognized id and the holder of the past visas, making you reminiscence from time to time. It is your past, present and future in the same time and the…
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Inflatable Travel Pillows – Pros and Cons

As more people started to travel, the industry of accessories started to develop more and more. People wanted everything to be more comfortable, especially while having to sit in a plane, train or car for hours. This is how they created the travel pillow. But then, people wanted something even more simple, something that they…
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