How to Travel with Animals – Take Your Furry Friend with You

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How to Travel with Animals – Take Your Furry Friend with You

Let’s face it, some of us, travelers, love animals. And we might even have a pet or… more. But what happens when it’s time to go, what happens with your kitten or your doggo? When you look in their tiny eyes, you know that they maybe understand what’s up with all the packed bags in the living room.

There are two types of people when it comes to travel and pets:

  • Those that will leave their pets home, with family or friends
  • Others that will take their pets with them

In this article, I will talk about all the aspects of traveling with animals, starting from booking your plane ticket, to choosing your accommodation and the most important, choosing the best accessories for your pet to feel comfortable. Get ready for a full guide on how to travel with a cat or a dog!

Get your pet ready for the trip!

There are several ways to travel: plane, bus, train or car. Here I will explain here the most difficult one, the plane! For all the other means of transport, you will still need the same documents, but the procedure is way simpler than the one for planes. But be advised that not all of them allow animals on board (except service animals).

I will list below the first things that you need to take care of, according to European Union Laws:

  • your pet must be microchiped
  • have a health card
  • have a passport issued by a recognized vet
  • be older than three months (because it cannot have all the necessary vaccines done before that age)
  • have the rabies vaccination done
  • be dewormed

Some airlines also need the followings, but not all of them so better check their website:

  • have blood samples taken
  • be treated against tapeworm

When you book your ticket, make sure to specify that you will have a pet with you. The cost vary from one airline to another, it also depends on the route and how big the pet is.

Travel cages for pets

You will have to choose the size of the cage, according to how big your pet is and the requirements that each airline has. Some of them require that your pet will go in the same place as checked-in baggage, but other allow it in the cabin. The same policy exists for the trains and buses as well, only that your pet will stay with you. For cars, you decide.

Prepare the cage according to IATA (International Air Transport Association) requirements:

  • make sure that the cage has at least 3 sides that are ventilated
  • it has no wheels (remove them yourself if the cage has them by default)
  • make sure your pet is able to turn and stand inside of the cage

Before the trip, the cage should contain:

  • water container
  • food container
  • potty pads

The comfort of your animal is the most important thing above all the formalities and requirements so make sure to make that your priority. You can put a small pillow there, or your pet’s favorite toy, to make the trip less stressful for it.

Find accommodation

When arriving at your destination, you need to make sure that the hotel where you’re staying allows pets. Do not worry, there are a lot of them out there, you just need to research before, adding the most important keyword “pet friendly”.

You can just google “pet friendly hotels in *destination*” and there will be a lot of suggestions. The prices are the same, it just depends on the hotel’s policy, if they choose to keep pets or not.

Tourist attractions

To go out with your pet and visit around, there are other obstacles. Every tourist attraction has its own rules, some will allow your animal inside, other not. But they may have special places for them to wait for you.

If they allow you inside, take into consideration that some people are afraid of dogs. To make a friendly environment for everybody, style your dog with a muzzle and a leash. Always have dog waste bags with you, in case, you know, nature calls.

Another option is to promise them you won’t stay long and just go by yourself, leaving them at the hotel with plenty of water, food and obviously, a toy.

Time to go!

Now that we discussed about every aspect of pet traveling, go tell your doggy or kitten the next destination and prepare them for the trip. Have all the documents ready, make them a passport, if they don’t have one, buy them a cage and the rest of the necessities and give them a treat for being a good boy or girl. Find here the best travel accessories for your pet!

How do you travel with your furry friends? Let me know in the comment section.





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  1. Nicole Stiles says:

    We travel with our dog all the time. She loves to go on rides and be with us. Our six cats, not so much. It would stress them out more to travel than to stay home alone with someone coming over to take care of their food and litter.

    But when we do have to travel with the cats (like to escape a hurricane or to move) we have this pet tube that does wonders. I refuse to let the cats wander freely in the car because it’s a driving hazard. An accident is the last thing I want. So we bought this It’s amazing. It’s really not big enough for 6 cats, but it’s all we got.

    • Stefania says:

      Nicole, thank you for you you suggestion, this is actually very good for a road trip. Indeed, for 6 cats, it may be to small but if they get along, they can just cuddle all the time. Hope you did not have any hurricane incidents, though!

  2. Greg says:

    Hi, thanks for this post! My daughter is planning a trip to Europe with her dog. This info will be helpful!

  3. Nick Cooke says:

    I have a dog and he literally hates it when I leave him. I’ve been planning so many trips and hopefully with the info you’ve given me I’ll be able to take him on a few, thanks for this post. Keep up the great content.

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