How to Visit Romania – Country of Fairy Tales

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How to Visit Romania – Country of Fairy Tales

This morning, while drinking my coffee, I have realized something important. I have my blog for a while now, yet I have never written about the very first country of my journey, which is my home country, Romania. This fairy tale place has a lot to offer and I have met a lot of people while on the road telling me how beautiful it is, I had visitors that were fascinated by the history, the views, the vibe…

With this article, I’m gonna change that, I will tell you about all the places worth seeing, as we have mountains, sea, big cities and breathtaking scenery. I’m going to teach you how to visit Romania.

The Capital

The capital of Romania is Bucharest and has quite a lot of activities, starting with the Old Town and the night-life, the second largest administrative building in the world called The Palace of Parliament and ending with the beautiful parks and must see attractions.

Let’s start with The Old Town. Apart from the beautiful old streets where you can wander for a significant amount of time, you can have a drink at one of the day bars. Sometimes, you can run into street artists that would increase your mood and make you smile. We have rooftop cafes where you can enjoy a view from above of the capital. If you are in the mood for shopping, do not hesitate to check Unirea Shopping Center, right next to the Old Town.

But when the night comes, it’s time for party! The bars turn into clubs with music of any type, so no matter your preference, you’ll find your party.

The Palace of the Parliament, as mentioned before, is the second largest administrative building in the world and is also close to the Old Town, meaning that you can include it in the tour. Here you can see how it looks like:


In the same area, you can find a park called Cișmigiu, where you can enjoy a boat ride surrounded by ducks or a walk in the nature in the middle of the city.

cismigiuIn the same category comes another park, recently called Regele Mihai but which became popular by its old name, Herăstrău, after the natural lake that you can find there. It is a huge park, where you can explore a Japanese garden, go skating or ride a bike, but you can also find some vintage restaurant there to enjoy a Romanian meal.


Other must see attractions of Bucharest are: Arcul de Triumf, the Botanical Garden, the Romanian Peasant Museum or the Mogoșoaia Palace. Do not miss them!

The Seaside

Romania has it all, you name it. We can even go out at the beach if we like, during the summer and it’s just a two and half hours drive from the capital city. One of my favorite places to go is the village called Vama Veche. Here you feel wild and free.

Get a tan, relax on the beach, go party at night, dance on the sand. What I like to do is get a shot of cozonac at 5 am, enjoy the sunrise and jump in the water.

vamaThe Mountains

One perfect place to enjoy the mountains of Romania is a tiny village called Bușteni. You can even hike to the top. Get there by train, just one and half hours from Bucharest. Take a look at this view:


If you continue your trip by train you will get to Brașov, another magical city.


If you decide to rent a car and explore further, you are the luckiest. You’ll be able to drive on the famous Transfăgărășan Road. Make sure that you do this while it’s summer, or the road is closed due to weather conditions, as it goes really high on the mountain.


The Castles

Of course we’re gonna talk about castles, Romania has a lot of them. First of all, the really famous one and the one that you might be thinking about, the Bran Castle. Yes, this is where the legend about Dracula was born and no, he was not a vampire (or was he?). The real person behind Dracula is the voivode Vlad Țepeș, know as the Impaler, because this is how he decided to punish his victims, by impaling them.

Another beautiful castle worth visiting is Peleș, which is not so far from Bran and you could make it a day trip to see both of them.


Jump in a train and get there!

Pe curând! See you soon!

Here you have it, a small guide to Romania. Of course, there are so many other places to see around, but the article would never end if I’d write about everything. Explore the capital, go to the beach, visit the mountains, drive on our famous road. What do you think about Romania? Have you been here? What else did you see? Let me know in the comment section.

I also need to mention that the pictures in this article are made by George Preduț, one of my good friends, which is also a great artist and photographer. If you like his work and want to see more pictures around Romania and around the world, take a look at his blog: or Instagram:

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  1. Linus Udochukwu Marvellous says:

    I have always loved traveling especially though sailing and I have visited a lot of places around the world. I have gone to Croatia, islands in the Mediterranean and many other places. With what I read from your article, Romania has been added to one of the destinations I will visit.

  2. Olalekan Taliat says:

     A country of this much natural attractions is worth visiting in a life time. I would say the publicity given to Romania as a place to visit is not enough. Honestly I never knew Romania has a beach , maybe am not a good student of geography. The beautiful landscape , castles and mountain are all going to be a nice place to visit. Thanks for this post has I have already bookmarked your site and liked it. Looking forward to your next post.

    • Stefania says:

      Hello Olalekan, thank you for your interest in my website, I appreciate it. Indeed, there are not too many advertisements about Romania, this is also the reason I made this article.

  3. slowyarn says:

    Oooh! What a beautiful place! I saw a documentary film about Vlad the Impaler a few years ago, and have been interested in visiting Romania ever since. (I think I would have avoided the place if he were still around, but I’m good with it now.) I hadn’t known that there were any beaches as well as mountains. Are there any uniquely Romanian products that make a good souvenir? I seem to remember reading something about instruments there.

    • Stefania says:

      Hahah Slowyarn, no he is not around anymore, fortunately. As souvenirs, I would suggest objects made of wood that you may find at the country side or next to the mountains. I do not know to much about music instruments though, but in case I find anything, I will get back to you! 

  4. Seyi says:

    I have been looking for where to visit for the holidays and I think I just found one. This article has not just been about you narrating your experience, it has also helped me to make up my mind on where to visit. The experience you get can’t be compared to just viewing pictures of the place. Nice article.

  5. Henry says:

    Hi! The best way to get to know Romania is having a Romanian describe the places we should visit. So I appreciate I have landed upon your site.

    Romania has been famous for its castles. Yes, Bran Castle seems to be the most popular. But there are also others, and I’d like visit Peles too since it’s not far from Bran. Thank you very much!

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