Inflatable Travel Pillows – Pros and Cons

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Inflatable Travel Pillows – Pros and Cons

As more people started to travel, the industry of accessories started to develop more and more. People wanted everything to be more comfortable, especially while having to sit in a plane, train or car for hours. This is how they created the travel pillow.

But then, people wanted something even more simple, something that they can carry around without having to occupy space. So the industry produced inflatable travel pillows.

How do you sleep in a plane?

I find it very hard to fall asleep in a plane and I know there are a lot of people like me. Yet, some others will fall asleep and would not wake up the entire flight! That’s the difference between heavy sleepers and light sleepers. Each category needs to have the best experience in any kind of transportation, regardless of the activity they might want to do.

In this article, I will highlight the pros and cons of using an inflatable pillow.

Pros – Why you should think about getting one?

There are tons of people having them. They must know something, right? Let’s find out what exactly makes those pillows special and if they are worth it.

  1. They do not occupy extra space – They are easy to carry around while deflated. You can store them in your luggage, in your pocket, or even in your hand, ready to inflate it and nap! This feature is extremely helpful for people that desire to own as little baggage as possible.
  2. Fast inflatable system – Some of them out there have a really good system, taking only 5 seconds to blow up and maybe the same or even faster to blow off.
  3. So many models – The human imagination is literally infinite and so are the possibilities of finding a neck pillow that will fit you! If you do not like the classic “U” form, make sure that there are several other options.

Cons – Having seconds thoughts

Looking at the plane’s passengers, I noticed that even with the pros that I listed above, there are a lot of them without a pillow or with a normal one, made of memory foam or some other material. Thinking about this, I realized there are also some inconveniences about those pillows.

    1. They could break – You should seriously consider invest in a good inflatable neck pillow because the cheapest ones might just break. I’m not telling you to buy the most expensive one out there, but try to research, read the reviews, maybe get recommendations from your friends and family that already have one.
    2. They might scratch you – If the material is bad quality, your sweet airplane dreams could become nightmares. Again, quality is king. Make sure that the material is soft enough for your skin.
    3. They might not be comfortable – Some people might find them more rigid than the foam ones and might find it hard to sleep on them.

Recommendations – How to find the best one?

If you are thinking of buying one, I hope you’ve read all the pros and cons from above. I will try to help you with some recommendations that I find useful.

  • Decide on a model – Each person is different and will like different things. As mentioned above, there are several models to choose from. There is the classic “U” design with different variations, the “massage chair” shape, the side pillow and many others. My advice is to think how you usually sleep at night and then choose one that will make you sleep similar to that.
  • Get a quality pillow – Search for the best material for your skin. If possible, go in a travel dedicated shop and try one. If not, read the description and make sure it was made of friendly fabric for your skin.
  • Make sure it has the fast blowing up system – It’s better to make things simpler and faster. Some pillows take forever to inflate or deflate which might be an inconvenience for some.

Sweet airplane dreams!

Inflatable neck pillows might be revolutionary to the travel industry! They occupy almost no space, have many shapes to choose from and you can start using them immediately with the 5 seconds blow up system. On the other hand, they might not be for everyone and you need to invest in a quality pillow in order to have the best experience.

I hope that this article was helpful for you! Happy traveling!

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  1. Staci Paige says:

    Great article. I never thought about having an inflatable pillow for traveling. It would be convenient because of space saving. I personally find it very difficult to sleep on a plane. Maybe a better pillow would help. Thanks for the insight. 🙂

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