Leather Passport Cover – Yes or No?

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Leather Passport Cover – Yes or No?

A passport is a very important document for all the travelers out there. It is basically your entrance to the destinations of your dreams, your worldwide recognized id and the holder of the past visas, making you reminiscence from time to time. It is your past, present and future in the same time and the more the stamps on it, the more the joy and stories to tell.

This document needs to be protected at all costs! Do not lose it, do not destroy it, do not handle it to wrong people… you know the rules. And, to be honest, I am pretty sure you would do all that without having someone else to tell you. But the passport can deteriorate over time, though, and the dedicated shops all around the globe invented a method to keep it young: a cover. More exactly, a leather passport cover!

In this article I will talk about the reasons a traveler should take into consideration having a passport cover, as well as the reasons why it might be actually a bad idea.

What is a passport cover?

This passport cover is the same as the one you have for your books. It was made with the same purpose: protection. It comes in different shapes and has a lot of options.

First, it is a matter of material. They can be made of literally anything, being more or less qualitative: plastic, paper, fabric, leather and so on. Second, it is a matter of features that it has, like boarding pass pocket, credit card pocket or even sim card pocket!

When it comes to quality, one of the best one out there is the leather one. It is durable, soft and no liquid can pass through. Your passport will definitely love its new leather “jacket”. But it only depends on the following question.

What type of traveler are you?

I am asking you this question because your answer is important for the rest of the article. There are 3 types of travelers, based on how many times a year they go across the border. I will list them below, together with their characteristics, to make it easier for you to identify with one of them.

  1. The heavy traveler – This category will book one or more flights per month, will have a bag ready to pack all the time (or will not even unpack), as well as have their passport checked more than two times per month. In the same category are the full-time travelers, which do not even go home, but cross borders as their weekend activity.
  2. The medium traveler – Here are those that take traveling as part-time, visiting a new country every two or three months. They might know exactly where they put their bags and have them ready to pack for the next trip and their passports in a safe place.
  3. The light traveler – Those are the ones that only take one or two vacations per year. They will need to take time to find their bags and their passports.

Can you identify with one of the categories above? Let me know in the comment section!

Good idea?

Moving on to the real question of the article: “Is this leather cover worth it?”. If you are a heavy or a medium traveler, it is definitely worth it. Every time you go abroad, you will need to use your passport to identify yourself: maybe when you check in at a hotel or when you rent a car. What if you accidentally spill your coffee on it when you hand it to the hotel receptionist? Accidents can happen, it’s normal, but we need to make sure that nothing important is damaged.

Here comes in help the cover. Being made of leather, no liquids can pass through and no one can rip it by mistake. It is also slim and soft so when you go though passport check and you may need to remove the cover, the document will still remain intact.

Bad idea?

Is the leather cover actually a bad idea? I would say that for the light travelers, it may just be a waste of money (not that it’s too expensive anyway). The probability that something bad can happen to your passport is just too low. Of course, it is always a great choice to protect it under any kind of circumstances, but you do not necessarily need one.

Your decision

The most important document that a wanderer could have, the passport, needs special protection. Depending on how many times a year you travel, you may need to take into consideration buying a passport cover, that will truly keep it safe. The best option so far is the leather one, but here comes your decision.

Let me know in the comment section if you think that a cover is an absolute need.

6 Responses

  1. Kayla says:

    I am a light traveler but plan on becoming a heavy traveler in the future. I can definitely see a passport cover coming in handy. Even though I don’t travel a lot right now, I still think a cover is necessary because I am someone who tends to mishandle my belongings. And, the leather covers being waterproof is a bonus; replacing passports is not cheap.

    • Stefania says:

      Kayla, good to hear that you are planning to travel more! Indeed, replacing documents can take a lot of time and money, better to do that only when they expire.

  2. Robert Ambs says:

    Very informative post. My wife and I are in the light traveler category. We do spend a lot of time traveling on our motorcycle, so we can be rough on stuff. Even though we are light travelers, I think a passport cover is a good idea. Yes leather is the way to go, I am not saying that because we are “bikers” but because leather is very durable and protective. Thank you again.

  3. Kelley says:

    I’m a moderately heavy traveler and I actually have three passport covers: one leather one (for my hiking travels), one designer one (upscale travel), and one trifold pouch with a passport pocket.

    I love them all but the last one is the most convenient of the three. It has separate pockets for my passport, boarding passes, and for spare change. No having to wrestle my passport covers out of the sleeves to scan it for automated check ins and global entry!

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