Low Cost Airlines – Hidden Fees?

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Low Cost Airlines – Hidden Fees?

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Recently, I have noticed more and more people choosing low cost airlines, all over the world and most of them falling into the trap of small prices, but ending up paying a lot more than they first expected. It should not be the case, beautiful people.

This article is dedicated to all of you that love budget airlines but may not know how to use them correctly. But even though you already know and take advantage of the small prices for a while now, you may find a new tip for your trips in this article. I am basically going to tell you how and what to pack, what costs can be avoided and so on.

What is Included in the Ticket Price?

For the price of a budget airline ticket you will have exactly this: the place and the right to bring a small carry on. Pay very much attention to the dimensions of this small bag, as it varies from airline to airline and you might need to pay if you exceed these dimensions. That’s right, and the fine is quite high. I once had to pay 75 euro, it wasn’t pleasant at all.

In order to avoid this, make sure that your bag is within the specific dimensions and you are totally safe.

Some airlines may offer an upgrade for a small fee, usually called “Priority”. If you add this option, you will get another bag for your trip and you’ll board the plane among the first.

How to Pack?

Now, it all depends on how long you’ll stay where you go, it depends on the season and also on the destination. Usually, for every airline, a normal sized backpack will do just fine as the small carry on included in the ticket.

  • SECRET TIP #1: Do not over pack. Make sure that you have exactly what you need and realize that in case something happens, like not having enough clothes or whatever, you are not going to the end of the world and you will find what you may need at your destination.
  • SECRET TIP #2: Wear most of your thickest clothes during the trip, so everything else light can go in your backpack.
  • SECRET TIP #3: Pack some food for the trip. Low cost airlines won’t serve you food unless you pay for it and to be honest, it’s not worth the price. And yes, they allow you to enter the airport with food, not with water. Keep that in mind, because a lot of people are surprised when I tell them this. Dears, you are not allowed liquids having more than 100 ml, but no one said anything about food.
  • SECRET TIP #4: If you have pockets, use them.

OK, I Have the Tickets, Now What?

Make sure that before you leave, you have a travel insurance. It doesn’t necessarily need to be made with the airline and actually, I wouldn’t recommend that, because they charge more than a normal health travel insurance company.

The airline will offer you the option of lost bags insurance. Well, if you only have a carry on, it doesn’t exactly make sense to buy one, right? I mean, I would recommend that for your checked in luggage maybe, but for a small bag that you’ll have with you the whole flight, what’s the purpose? To be honest, I never bought one myself but I was lucky, I know people that weren’t happy with their decision after the airline lost their bags. Now it all depends on you and the reputation of the airline.

There is another option that you need to take into consideration. They offer the option to have flexible tickets. For example if you are not sure that you return on 15th March and there is a possibility for you to return on 17th March, then with this option, you are able to change your ticket. But this depends on you.

The Check-in

OK, in a few hours, you board your plane and you are extremely excited. Let’s not forget about the last step of your airport journey, though: the check-in. Now, most of the airlines have the option of “Online Check-in”. I highly recommend that you do it because they may charge a fee for airport check-in.

During the process of checking in online, they will ask you about the insurances we spoke earlier but they will also ask you to select a seat and then, tell you how much the seat costs. I have great news for you! If you are fine with any place, you don’t need to buy one. There is a small option here called “No, thank you, I don’t want to select a seat”, but no worries, you will not stand during the flight, you will just have a random place that they will select for you.

Boarding Complete

Time to fly! Fasten your seat belts and relax during the flight to your next destination! Make sure your backpack is within limits and you didn’t pay extra, you have a snack for the flight and the travel insurance of your choice.

Let me know about your experience with budget airlines and other tips you might have to share with us! I hope my article helped you! Happy travels! 🙂

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