Luggage Covers to Style Your Bag

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Luggage Covers to Style Your Bag

It is really important to protect your bags when you travel, especially your check-in luggage. Accidents may happen and the risk to scratch it is big. Or maybe, it rains and the bag is not waterproof. Just imagine, all your things may be ruined because of that and so may be your vacation.

There are a lot of external factors to take into consideration, like dust, dirt, scratches and so on. These things can damage your bag over time and you might need to buy another one, faster than you expected. If you want a full guide on how to protect your check-in luggage, check here!

In this article, I will talk about luggage covers. They may be the best protectors when speaking about the external factors I’ve mentioned above. A luggage cover is a piece of material that you put over your bag, having different characteristics. Another very good advantage when using one, is that you’ll find your bag faster at the arrivals belt.

Below, I will list* some of my favorite luggage covers.

Protective Cover by HiMi

This black trolley cover comes in  four sizes, it’s easy to fit your luggage and you can remove it fast – it has a zipper and a buckle, to make sure it’s secure. It will protect your bag from scratches, dirt, dust and it’s washable. Check it here!

Clear PVC Protector by CSTOM

This clear PVC material cover comes in five sizes for a reason! Being made of a hard material and not elastic, you need to make sure that your bag will fit. This one will make sure that your bag stays safe, dry and clean the whole trip. Check it here!

Elastic Lycra Cover by Bestja

This fabulous cover is made of high quality elastic Lycra, is waterproof and dust proof. Even though it’s elastic, you should still try to make sure you have the best size for your bag. You wouldn’t want the beautiful print ruined by stretching out the material, that’s why you can choose from four sizes. And speaking of print, there is a variety of patterns to choose from. Find it here!

Elastic Cover by 7-Mi

This elastic cover is made of polyester and spandex, comes in four sizes and will protect your luggage from dust, dirt or scratches. It also comes with a buckle as a bonus, when closing it, like the one from HiMi. Similar to the previous one, it has a multitude of choices when speaking about pattern and it will easily fit your bag. See it here!

A fashionable luggage

I could say that each cover will do the job, but it all depends on your preferences. Obviously, your bag will be very happy with the new dress. Very important, when choosing one of the above:

  • make sure that you know your bag size
  • decide if you want a buckle as a double insurance for your cover (not all of them have one!)
  • check the material
  • find your preferred print

These were my favorite covers for bags, hope that you enjoyed the article! Let me know in the comment section what covers you use.

*Read my affiliate disclosure here.

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