Luggage Name Tags – Why You Should Have One

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Luggage Name Tags – Why You Should Have One

Name tags, why do people usually need name tags? To identify themselves, to make it easier for others to find them or to remember their name. When you first meet a person, it is really hard to remember their name. That’s why in school, our teachers had us write our name on a piece of paper for others to see.

But when you are thinking of the bigger picture, when you grow up and travel, how will others identify you? Or how will they identify your luggage? The best answer for that is obviously, your passport and your luggage name tag. At the airport, you check-in with your passport, and when you leave your bag, it needs a name tag.

In this article, I will tell you why it is really important to have a name tag for your check-in luggage, and present you some scenarios where an accessory like this made good use for their owners.

What are luggage name tags?

Basically, it is the identity of your luggage. It will contain your name, address, e-mail and phone number, maybe other details that you may want to add there. They can be made from just a simple piece of paper or have a fancier design and materials.

After you write your info, you tie them to your bag. Some luggage already have a special place for tags, where you just need to fill your contact information.

But the airport guys thought about this way before us, that’s why when you check-in your bag, they will automatically attach a tag with your name, destination and other useful things for them. So, in this case, why would you need another one?

Three reasons you need one

As I mentioned before, the airport team already sticks a tag to your bag, but the real question here is: “Do you only travel by plane?”. Even if you do, I’ll list below 3 reasons why you might want one.

  1. In case you lose your bag, it will be returned to you – If you accidentally forget your bag somewhere (trust me, it happens), a kind person may try to contact you and return it. And as I promised you a story earlier, I will tell you about my good friend, Andrew who was coming back from Cuba. He was in a rush to get home and prepare for a meeting so he totally forgot about one of his bags, that he had left on a bench while waiting for a taxi. A nice lady found the bag with the name tag and called him. Of course, those things rarely happen, but sometimes they actually do.
  2. In case of identical luggage, you will know which one is yours – If you happen to have the same luggage as another person, then you are in danger of accidentally switching bags. This time, I am speaking from my experience. I switched my baggage with another guy in a train and realized it when I was already at the hotel. I went back to the train station and I was lucky enough to find the guy there, as he was waiting for another train and the station was small. He didn’t even realize that he had the wrong bag. But with a tag, I could have definitely recognized it and avoid a lot of headaches.
  3. You can personalize it – There are a lot of models and designs, like one having your favourite quote on it, or your favourite movie. You can stand out from the crowd like that and take have something to always put a smile on your face when you look at your bag. I have one with “The Lion King”.

But take care of it!

Let’s be honest, it is never a good idea to show off your personal information to everyone! You are practically telling people that your house or apartment will be empty for the next days. So what should you do? Is the luggage tag good or no? I think that it is definitely good, but you should not show it around.

  • If you won’t have your bag with you the whole time, just put the tag inside of the bag.
  • If your bag will be with you, you can just mask your contact information by sticking another piece of paper over it.
  • In any case, do not write your full information! Your first name, phone number, e-mail, country and city should be enough.

What about the price?

An accessory like this is not expensive at all, but it all depends on the material, the quality of the fabrication and of course, the brand. But it might as well be free.

  • DIY version – Yes, everything can be done by yourself and it will be free because you already might have what you need, which is a normal string (your favourite colour) and a cardboard on which you will glue a piece of paper and write what you want.
  • Store version – The price can vary from $2 to $15 or maybe more. The advantage is that there are a lot of choices out there, all of them having its own spark. Also, there are customizable options, in case you don’t find your perfect one.

To sum it up

A name tag for your luggage is always a good idea, because it is the way that you can identify your bag. In case you lose it or accidentally switch it with another traveler, you will be able to get it back easily.

You should always take into consideration covering your info, so no one knows where you live and that your place is empty for the next days. To be safe, just don’t write you full address, as you country and city should be enough.

Make sure to create or choose the perfect one for you. An accessory like this is not expensive, it’s always trendy and it will definitely put a smile on your face when you see it while traveling.

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