Reasons Why You Should Become a Traveller

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Reasons Why You Should Become a Traveller

There are so many people that watch other people on social media posting about their awesome trips, but they don’t dare to make this step themselves. Why? The main reason is because they are scared. Because they fear the unknown and they do not even realize all the good things that come with it.

There is a short list that came to my mind a few days before flying to Paphos, Cyprus. These ideas came to me in the form of the things that I am grateful about. Hope it will inspire you either if you are afraid or already an enthusiast traveller.

1. You learn to disconnect

When travelling you usually find yourself in one of the 2 situations:

  • you either have no way to access your phone (no battery, no internet, no credit etc) or
  • you either travel alone (or with people that you don’t know yet).

These things may seem scary, but you need to take some steps away from the people you already know from time to time. This will help anyone to rediscover themselves and miss their loved ones and gain more appreciation for their presence in their life.


2. Being more accepting with others

As presented in the first point of this list, you may sometimes travel without any of your acquaintances. While this might feel lonely, you should always remember that every stranger is a friend that you haven’t met yet. In my examples, I have chosen many times to stay in hostels while travelling in order to spend as less money as possible; this meant I had to stay in a room with minimum 3 other girls or boys. In a room where you have to share a single small bathroom and the breathing space with 3 other human being you don’t even know, you learn a lot about respecting other people’s habits and differences.

However, if a hostel seems too much for you, think that you can meet new people everywhere (events, concerts, bars, your new tour guide etc.); and when it comes to a solo travel, you will want the company.


3. Money & how to care less about it

If you get to the level where travelling becomes an addiction, you will have another appreciation for your money. Travellers do a lot of sacrifices to go to new places, because they are not always the richest people you know. They are sometimes students or people who are just at the beginning of their career. However, this never stops them.

They will make sacrifices like not going out every weekend with their friends or cutting other pleasant activities from their day to day schedule. They will search the low-cost airplanes which do not always have the best conditions. They will sleep in hostels with more people in their room than the number of their friends. But they will make new friends and they will support all the bad conditions because they know they cannot afford more.

When the wish to see a new place, to disconnect, to find yourself, is bigger than any other wish, your money will no longer feel important. They will no longer be the paper that buys you physical stuff and they will become a way to buy the experiences you need to grow.

Finally, they could be the thing that people always say that they are not: a way to buy your happiness.


4. Learning

The most important reason to become a traveller and maybe the reason why most of us started doing it in the first place is learning. Travelling has a unique way of showing different life lessons. It will teach you about cultures, food, religion, music and a lot of other things.

But what it offers you in comparison with your usual studying way is the fact that it lets you choose what you learn. You are in charge of the process and you will select the way you want to be shaped by the knowledge.


5. Experiences

New countries will offer you things that you might never have in your own country. You go to certain countries for better food or for scuba diving. You can go see animals that the climate from your birth country does not allow to properly live. You could watch the practice of other religions or go to the sea side when in your country are -10 degrees. The number of possibilities is infinite and maybe this is why travellers will have more topics of discussion than other people.

The list can go on and it does go on in my head. I can talk about why I am a traveller myself for hours or to write about it in thousands of words. I do, however, know the issues and the drawbacks.

They have never stopped me: money come and go; I cannot be afraid of every potential dangerous person in my way, especially because not all people are the same; a messy room will not be the end of the world. Every bad moment that I had during my trips was overcame by the thought of the spiritual gain that I will have in the end.

I do hope that you will, at least one time, have the courage to do it as well and maybe join our group of friends who still waits to meet somewhere on this beautiful home of ours called Earth.


My name is Abigail and I am no writer. I am a traveller at soul and this is the main thing I choose to do to both heal and have fun. I am currently on my journey to finish all of Europe’s countries, with only a few countries left. After that I would love to go in the search of new cultures on other continents as well, but I am taking it one country at a time.

Instagram: @popangiu

8 Responses

  1. SkyPath says:

    I think you right, people think about travel will always think like go abroad to play, to a new country and have some fun, but like you said, as a traveller, you will learn so many things! Thank you for this great article, I like your picture too!

  2. Todd P Matthews says:

    For me, it’d be the learning, experiences, and interacting with different cultures. I’ve always believed many in my own country have an ethnocentric mentality, believing we’re right and the world is wrong, but I’ve always felt each and every country on Earth has its own distinct strengths that everyone can find value in. Meeting new people from different backgrounds, engaging in what makes their nation unique from the world, and yes, learning to disconnect and forget about how much money I have in the bank is something many might frown upon, but for me, it’s the real way to live. My ambition is to someday be able to travel the world and experience as many different cultures and values as I can.

    • Guest says:

      I am glad to have read such nice words. My ambition is the same as yours and I really hope that we will both make it come true.

  3. I myself being a big fun of travel and its related activities and even wrote more about it, as I was going through your article it reminded me of one the posts I recently wrote which was talking about the benefits of travel!. incidently I happen to have mentioned like 80% of the points you mentioned but just left one, and that being “Being More Accepting With Others”, this is really critical and indeed it has become an addition not only to my knowledge database but as well to my personality!.

    great post, great content!

    • Guest says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words and trust me when I say that this was a lesson that I have learned in time and that helped me very much with the people closest to me.

  4. Di says:

    As a traveler with lots of experience, I agree with all your reasons “why”. Only wish I had more time to travel and experience those places which are still on my proverbial bucket list. One day… one day.
    Bon voyage!

    • Guest says:

      I think that making time for your bucket list depends on you as well ans I say this from my own experience. I have a work place that usually keeps me in the office from 8am to 5pm every day, but I still take advantage of my vacation days and weekends. Hope you will make time to take a break every once in a while and enjoy some nice places. Bon voyage!

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