Top 4 Reasons You Want an Osprey Bag

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Top 4 Reasons You Want an Osprey Bag

I’ve been traveling for a couple of years now, and I feel like every time I come back from a destination, I learn a lot about how to make my life easier during my travels. During my first 2 backpacking trips, I didn’t really know what to expect from living out of a bag. My friend had offered to let me borrow her backpack which she borrowed from someone else. I was so happy, that was an expense I didn’t have to worry about. Little did I know, my bag was going to change my entire travelling experience. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my trip to Italy, and I was grateful that I had a free bag to travel with, but by the end of my trip, I hated everything about this backpack. The color, the pockets, the size, the fit, everything was wrong for me.

The next year, right before leaving for Greece with my mother, I told myself that I would get a new bag and lent my old one to her. BIG MISTAKE! First of all, it was her first time backpacking (which I convinced her it was a good idea), second of all, it ruined her entire experience. I mean, who can blame her right? My mother hated the bag and even got a back ache, which is not great when you’re on vacay. As for me, I got myself an….. drum roll please……. Osprey Kyte 46 in ocean blue. Best. Decision. Ever.

This past summer, my Quatreblog co-owner, Julie and I went to Colombia for a couple of weeks. Julie was the one who let me borrow her bag during my trip to Italy, so naturally, she asked me if she could use it for our next adventure. I told her about my mother’s experience, but she didn’t make too much fuss about it. One week into our trip, she confessed; she hated it too. By now, that bag was maybe 7 years old and had been to multiple countries. It had ripping in the back where the poll structure was, the zippers were getting stuck all the time and the shape of the bag started to get all floppy. That’s when I realized that the $250 CAN I had paid for my bag was entirely worth it.


In the spirit of our QuatreBlog theme, here is my top 4 reasons why I’m completely in love with my Osprey Kyte 46

TOP 4:

1 – Lifetime Guarantee

I believe that the main advantage that Osprey has to offers is their lifetime guarantee on all of their products. When I say lifetime, I really mean it; for example, let’s say that 30 years from now, you are on the travelling to other side of the world, and you bag rips for whatever reason, all you have to do is contact customer service and they will gladly fix your bag. They are available around the world to make it easy to contact them, plus if it can’t be fixed, they will replace it, free of charges.

2 – Side Zipper Access

Some people have been telling me that most backpacks now offer this feature, but I still think it’s important to mention it. The side zipper access is a must on any big backpack. Honestly, it saved me a lot of time when I was looking for random things in my bag. Especially because sometimes you put important things in the middle of all your stuff, and you only have a short amount of time to get it (at the airport, during a stop on a bus ride, when people are waiting for you…). The Side zipper access allows you to really see what’s in your bag, grab it and go. I saw Julie looking for some of her thing in her backpack, which didn’t have a side zipper access, and it was sad to watch. When you see your friend having to take everything out of the bag to find a specific shirt, and then putting everything back in all mixed up, to thank the lord of backpacks for putting that side zipper access, believe me.

3 – Airscape Backpanel

Now, this is my favorite thing. Airscape Backpanel; It’s the most comfortable thing ever. It allows your back to breath at all time, which is especially important when you’re travelling to places where it’s hotter. Also, the mesh textiles absorbs moisture so that you can carry your backpack during long periods of time.

4 – Rain cover

The day you will be travelling to a foreign country and it’s starts pouring rain when you arrive, you will be so happy that your bag has a rain cover. Unfortunately, my bag isn’t waterproof (I don’t even know if they make waterproof bags yet), but the rain cover really does the trick. Trust me, you do not want to underestimate the power of that feature.




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  1. Kristine says:

    Great article ????

  2. Derval says:

    This article was a nice article, i like the bagpack that you are introducing to us. Looks very function and i like functional backpacks.

  3. Heather says:

    Thank you for this great post about the Osprey Bag. I just came back from a hiking trip were my backpack of 15 years completely fell apart. Needless to say, it was a disaster and I need a new bag. I loved your review of this bag and it has many of the options that I want like; zippered side pockets for easy access, a rain cover to keep my stuff dry, and a back panel so my back does not get sweaty when I wear it. Thanks again for this information this bag looks great!

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