Universal Travel Adapter – Stay Connected Everywhere!

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Universal Travel Adapter – Stay Connected Everywhere!

Have you ever been caught by surprise when arriving to your hotel, with a low battery phone, you wanted to plug it in but couldn’t find a “normal” socket for the charger? That happens all the time, especially when you travel to a different region that you are not used to and forget to take into consideration the socket change.

The world is big! And there are always differences around the globe (that’s why we like to travel, right?), but it would be even better if we would go prepared and avoid any disappointment when it comes to electronics. To solve the issue, there exists a universal travel adapter.

In this article I will tell you all about it, I will explain the differences between each region when it comes to sockets, I will tell you why they even exist and I will review the universal adapter.

Differences around the globe

The world is divided in regions according to several criteria. Of course there are continents, states, countries, unions, economic areas and so on but when it comes to electricity, the world also decided to divide again.

Why exactly isn’t there the same socket in every country? Basically, because when the electricity was invented in 19th century, a socket was mainly used for the light bulbs and the wall outlets were not that important at that time. But, of course, evolution takes its way and each country developed its own manner to plug electronic devices.

As time went by, people started to think about standardization, about making the world use the same thing when it comes to charging devices or providing power to them, but it was too late. To change a country’s whole electric approach takes not only time, but a lot of money and not everyone was up for that.

How many wall outlets are out there?

There are exactly 15 types of sockets in the world, each being specific to a region. They are named as alphabet letters, starting with A and ending at O.

Each of them is different, some have only 2 metal pins, some have 3, some of them are round but others flat. The ones having 3 pins are those which are grounded, with some exceptions. They also have different voltages and frequencies.

But they must have something in common, right? Of course! Some plugs are compatible to more sockets, meaning that you may not need an adapter every time you go abroad. Unfortunately, those are rare cases.

Types of sockets

In this section I will present every type and tell you in which countries you will find them, so you go prepared

  • Type A and B – You will find them in Japan, USA, Canada and Mexico
  • Type C – Its plus is also called Europlug, therefore you will mostly find it in Europe
  • Type D – Mostly in India
  • Type E – The type C plug also fits in here and you will see them in Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Poland
  • Type F – The type C and E will also fit in this socket and there are everywhere around Europe and Russia, except for UK
  • Type G – This one can be found in UK and Ireland, but also in Malaysia, Malta, Singapore or Hong Kong
  • Type H – Is a special type and you will only have the chance of seeing it in Israel
  • Type I – Almost like the G type except that they’re found in New Zealand, Australia or China
  • Type J – It is also compatible with type C and you will see them in Switzerland, Rwanda or Lichtenstein
  • Type K – Denmark and Greenland, also fits the C plug
  • Type L – Is compatible with type C, find them in Italy or Chile
  • Type M – Mainly used in South Africa
  • Type N – In Brazil, compatible with type C
  • Type O – Only in Thailand, compatible with C type

The adapter is the saviour

We saw how there are numerous options when thinking about charging your electronics around the globe and for a full time traveler, this might be a problem. But no worries, because if you have an adapter, it will solve everything.

The most desired accessory will have all the types listed above included, so you don’t have to worry again. You just have to plug in your electronic in the place where it fits and then choose what to plug into the wall, according to the location where you will be traveling.

Stay connected!

In the end, we like to make our lives easier when it comes to travel, in order to enjoy the places and don’t stress over other things.

The globe is big and it has a lot to offer, but also has its differences. From type A to type O wall sockets, your electronics will be happy everywhere you go because there is an adapter that will help them and you stay connected so you can find information and post your pictures on social media.

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  1. Lane Onson says:

    I must admit I’ve never heard of a Universal Adapter. I’ve only known of the two prongs or two prongs with the hole. Nonetheless, I appreciate the information and education on what’s out there and available.

    Thank you for the post.

  2. hong says:

    This is a super helpful article. I learned about the different types of sockets when I traveled to China three years ago. I couldn’t use my computer or my hair straightener. So it was very frustrating for me. I wish I would have known about this before. It would have made my life a lot easier. I will have to check out the adapter. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Simon says:

    Hey Stefania, thanks for introducing me to CleverTrips Universal Power adapter, this will deliver convenience next time we vacate for a holiday. We many times forget to put the 2 pin Euro Socket adapter into the suitcase which is frustrating due to the small size, however, when we do, we’re always lacking USB connectors for charging mobiles and tablets. This CleverTrips adapter comprises 4 USB connections, this is ideal meanwhile feedback expressed through reviews is superb.
    Thanks again,

  4. Leila says:

    Could you inform me what style are you using on your
    web site? It looks wonderful.

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